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Shanghvi Library is a reference & reading facility.

Select reading materials (Visual Arts, Architecture, etc.) and Books on Haryana state (History, Culture, Archaeology, etc.) are available for use within the library and not for borrowing. 

Haryana Collection

Under the direction and supervision of Prof. Nayanjot Lahiri, the Haryana collection which includes essays, books, and reports on Haryana dating back to its inception has been developed.

1हरियाणा ऐनसाइक्लोपीडियाडॉ. कृष्ण कुमार खण्डेलवाल201010 Vol. Set
2Sir Chhotu Ram : writings and speechesHaryana Academy of History and Culture20225 Vol. Set
3Sir Chotu Ram : A BiographyTika Ram2008
4Gallantry Award Winners of HaryanaDilbag Singh Dabas2020
5The Haryanvi Soldier : A Saga of Valour and Scrifice 1947-2018Brig Gurinder Singh2020
6Roll of honour : Haryana’s martyrs of 1857K.C. Yadav2008
7Peasantry in Colonial India : The context, perspective and text of Sir Chhotu Ram’s Bechara ZamindarSir Chhotu Ram2013
8Haryanvavi – English English – Haryanavi Dictionary : A Lexical Presentation of Language, Lore and LifeE. Joseph ICS (Ed.)2007
9हरिदासबाबू बालमुकुन्द गुप्त2012
10सर्पाघात चिकित्साबाबू बालमुकुन्द गुप्त2012
11Discourse on Indo European languages & cultureD. N. Tripathi2005
12Current studies on the Indus civilizationVivek Dangi20209 Vol. Set
13Harappan studies : recent researches in South Asian archaeologyManmohan Kumar (Ed.)20172 Vol. Set
14Linguistics, archaeology and human past in South AsiaToshiki Osada (Ed.)2009
15Sculptures from Haryana : iconography and styleDevendra Handa2006
16History and archaeology of ancient Haryana : with special reference to District JindRajpal2019
17Language atlas of South AsiaToshiki Osada (Ed.)2017
18Haryana : cultural heritage guideSikha Jain (Ed.)2012
19Excavation at Bhagwanpura, 1975-76 and other explorations & excavations, 1975-81 in Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, and PunjabJagat Pati Joshi1993
20प्राचीन भारत में रामायण के मंदिरविरजानन्द दैवकरणी2007
21Studies in Jaina art and iconography and allied subjects in honour of Dr. U.P. Shah R. T. Vyas (Ed.)1995
22नौरंगाबाद (बामला) की मृनमूर्तियाँविरजानन्द दैवकरणी2008
23प्राचीन ताम्रपत्र एवं शिलालेखविरजानन्द दैवकरणी2009
24अगरोहा (अग्रोदक)की मृनमूर्तियाँविरजानन्द दैवकरणी2008
25Four reports made during the years, 1862-63-64-65Alexander Cunningham20212 Vol. Set
26Collected works of Sir R.G. BhandarkarNarayana Bapuji Utgikar (Ed.)19333 Vol. Set
27Studies in South Indian JainismM. S Ramaswami Ayyangar1922
28The Problem of the Sarasvati River and notes on the archaeological geography of Haryana and Indian PanjabDilip K Chakrabarti2009
29Excavation at Bhagwanpura, 1975-76 and other explorations & excavations, 1975-81 in Haryana, Jammu & Kashmir, and PunjabJagat Pati Joshi1993
30Pinjore sculpturesUdai Vir Singh1977
31Haryana, ancient and medievalH. A. Phadke1990
32Kurukshetra : timeless sanctityVijai Vardhan2013
33Gandhara Sculpture : in the government museum and art gallery, ChandigarhD.C. Bhattacharyya (Ed.)2002
1A Historico – Cultural Study of The Hansi Region (From the Earliest Times to A. D. 1526)Thesis
3Archaeo – Historical Study in North Haryana (From Earliest Times to 12th Century A. D.)Theses
4Archaeological and anthropological studies on the Harappan cemetery of Rakhigarhi, IndiaArticle
5Archaeological Landscapes and Textual ImagesJournal
6Archaeological Survey of India – Annual Reports 1922-23Report
7Archaeology of Karnal and Jind Districts (Haryana)Thesis
8Archeology of Rohtak and Hissar Districts (Haryana)Thesis
9Commute of the Indian Urban HouseholdThesis
10Corpus Inscriptionum IndicarumReport
11Craniofacial reconstruction of the Indus Valley Civilization individuals found at 4500-year-old Rakhigarhi cemeteryArticle
12Records of the Geological Survey of IndiaArticle
13Epigraphia Indica_vol.1Journal
15Excavations at Agroha, PunjabJournal
16Excavations at Rakhigarhi : 1997-98, 1999-2000Report
17Harappan Interment at Rakhigrhi HaryanaArticle
18Heritage 2014 Nath LawArticle
19Jainism in Haryana : an Archaeological PerspectiveThesis
20Kunal – a new Indus Saraswati siteArticle
21New Shiwalik Primates and their Bearing on the Question of Evolution of Man and the AnthropoidArticle
22Prehistoric Archaeology of the Saraswati and the Drisadvati Valleys (Haryana) (C. 2300-1500 B.C.)Thesis
23Preliminary Reports of the Explorations and Excavations of the Stone Age Sites in Eastern PunjabReport
24Puratatva : Bulletin of the Indian Archaeological SocietyThesis
25Rakhigarhi and the Harappan Civilization Recent Work and New Challenges
26Rakhigarhi excavation report new libreThesis
27Records of the Geological Survey of IndiaThesis
28Report of the Tour in Punjab and Rajputana in 1883-84Report
29Report on Rakhigarhi excavations archaeological Survey of IndiaReport
30The Pehewa Inscription from the Temple of GaribnathReport
S.No.TitleSubscribed from Back Issues
1Journal of Haryana Studies (JHS)2023(1967 -2021)
2Kurukshetra University Research Journal2023 (1978-2021)