Books by Ashoka faculty members are listed in this section.

The Ashoka faculty has immensely contributed to the scholarly literature in the field of Social Sciences, Art & Humanities, Literature, Sciences and others. Here is the selected list of books authored, translated and edited by the Ashoka faculty.
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Nund Rishi: poetry and politics in medieval Kashmir2023
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Beyond the Boulevards: A Short Biography of Pondicherry2019
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Poetry of Belonging : Muslim Imaginings of India 1850-19502020
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1.Finding the Raga : an Improvisation on Indian music2021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1In the Belly of the River : Tribal Conflict Over Development in the Narmada Valley1997
2Contested Grounds : Essays on Nature, Culture and Power2008
3Untouchability in Rural India 2009
4Elite and Everyman2011
5Waterlines : The Penguin Book of River Writings 2009
6First Garden of the Republic : Nature in the President’s Estate2016
7Uncivil City : Ecology, Equity and the commons in Delhi2020
1.Women’s sexuality and modern India: in a rapture of distress2023
2.The Parrots of desire : 3,000 years of Indian erotica2017
S.No. Title Year of Publication
1Andre Beteille Omnibus: Caste, Class and Power2012
2Democracy and its Institutions2017
3Universities at the Crossroads2014
5Caste, Class and Power: Changing Patterns of Stratification in Tanjore Village2010
6Marxism and Class Analysis2010
4Sociology: Essays on Approach and Method2010
7Institutions and Inequalities: Essays in Honour of Andre Beteille2011
8Sunlight on the Garden: A Story of Childhood and Youth2012
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Imperial Andamans : Colonial Encounter and Island History2010
2My Son’s Inheritance : A Secret History of Lynching and Blood Justice in India2020
3Waiting for Swaraj : the inner lives of Indian Revolutionaries2021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1India’s War : A Military History, 1947 – 19722008
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Globalization and Development: A Handbook of New Perspectives2011
2Affirmative Action in India2013
3The Grammar of Caste : Economic Discrimination in Contemporary India2017
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1.International Aid and Democracy Promotion : Liberalization at the Margins2021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Structural Econometrics: Essays in Methodology and Applications in Memory of Sanghamitra Das2010
2Economic theory and policy : Essays in honour of dipak banerjee1990
3Theoretical issues in development economics1993
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
2The Vague Woman’s handbook2011
3The Heat and dust project : the broke couple’s guide to BharaH2015
4Friends from college2019
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Ten Ideologies: The Great Asymmetry Between Agrarianism and Industrialism2018
2Oxford India Gandhi: Essential Writings2011
3Gandhi is Gone: Who Will Guide Us Now2011
4Of a Certain Age: Twenty Life Sketches2011
5Contributions to south asian studies 11979
6Contributions to south asian studies 11982
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1The Nine Chambered Heart2017
2Seahorse : A Novel2014
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1The First Firangis : Remarkable Stories of Heroes, Healers, Charlatans, Courtesans and Other Foreigners who Became Indian2015
2Shakespeare and Literary Theory2012
3The Shakespearean International Yearbook: Volume 112011
4Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare2009
5Masala Shakespeare : How a Firangi Writer Became Indian2018
6Indography Writing the Indian in early modern England2014
7Foreign Bodies and the Body Politics : Discourses of Social Pathology in Early Modern England1998
8Sick economies : drama, mercantilism, and disease in Shakespeare’s England2004
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Shakesqueer : A Queer Companion to the Complete Works Of Shakespeare2011
2Indifference to Difference : On Queer Universalism2015
3Wanton Words : Rhetoric and Sexuality in English Renaissance Drama2004
4Unhistorical Shakespeare : Queer Theory in Shakespearean Literature and Film2008
5Infinite Variety : A History of Desire in India2018
6The Law of desire : rulings on sex and sexuality in India2021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1India’s Wildlife History An Introduction2008
2Shifting Ground People, Animals and Mobility in India’s Environmental History2014
3Selected works of C. Rajagopalachari2014
5Nature Without Borders2014
6India’s Environmental History From Ancient Times to the Colonial Period2013
7India’s Environmental History Colonialism, Modernity, and the Nation2015
8Nature and Nation : Essays on Environmental History2014
9Selected works of C. Rajagopalachari : 1923 -252014
10Selected works of C. Rajagopalachari : 1921 – 222014
11Selected works of C. Rajagopalachari : 1907 -212014
12Environmental Issues in India : A Reader2007
13Environmental History : As if Nature Existed2010
14Making Conservation Work : Securing Biodiversity in This New Century2007
15At Nature’s Edge : The Global Present and Long Term History2018
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Islamic law in the Indian ocean world : Texts, Ideas and Practices2022
2Malabar in the Indian ocean : cosmopolitanism in a maritime historical region2018
3Islamic law in circulation : Shafi’i texts across the Indian ocean and the Mediterranean2022
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Cosmos and Character in Paradise Lost2012
2Moneta’s Veil : Essays on Nineteenth Century Literature2010
3The Bengal Club in History2006
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Art Attacks : Violence and Offence-Taking in India2019
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Slow Disaster : political ecology of hazards and everyday life in the Brahmaputra valley, Assam2023
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Bound Together : How Traders, Preachers, Adventurers, and Warriors Shaped Globalization2007
2Brother Enemy : War after War1986
3Destini comuni : La globalizzazione di guerrieri, commercianti, predicatori e avventurieri2009
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1The Decline and Fall of the Indus Civilization2011
2Ancient India New Research2014
3Ashoka in Ancient India2015
4Finding Forgotten Cities : How the Indus Civilization was Discovered2015
5Buddhism in Asia : Revival and Reinvention2016
6Marshalling the Past : Ancient India and its Modern Histories2015
7Monuments Matter : India’s Archaeological Heritage Since Independence2017
8Pre-Ahom Assam : Studies in the Inscriptions of Assam Between the Fifth and the Thirteenth Centuries AD1991
9Copper and its Alloys in Ancient India1996
10Time Pieces : A Whistle Stop Tour of Ancient India2018
11Searching for Ashoka : questing for a Buddhist King from India to Thailand2022
12The Archaeology of Indian trade routes up to c. 200 BC : resources use, resource access and lines of communication1992
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1.Animosity at Bay : An alternative history of the India – Pakistan relationships, 1947 – 19522020
1The Oxford Companion to Politics in India2014
2Shaping the Emerging World : India and the Multilateral Order2013
3Public Institutions in India : Performance and Design2007
4The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution2016
5Rethinking Public Institutions in India2017
6Nonalignment 2.0 : A Foreign & Strategic Policy for India in the 21st Century2014
7The Burden of Democracy2003
8Navigating the Labyrinth : Perspectives on India’s Higher Education2017
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1The Climate of Conquest: War, Environment and Empire in Mughal North India2019
2The Early modern in South Asia : querying modernity, periodization, and history2022
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Leapfrog : Six Practices to Thrive2022
1.Brown skins, white coats : race science in India, 1920-662022
2.Doctoring traditions : ayurveda, small technologies, and braided sciences2016
3.Nationalizing the Body : The Medical Market, Print and Daktari Medicine2012
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Economic Growth in India : History and Prospects2014
2Economic Growth and its Distribution in India2015
3Trends of Socio – Economic Change in India 1871-1961 : Proceedings of a Seminar2015
4India’s economy from Nehru to Modi : a brief history2022
5Reading India : selections from The Economic and Political weekly : 1991-20172019
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Padmavat : An Epic Love story2018
2Who is Bharat Mata?: On History, Culture and the idea of time2019
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Post Colonial Reason and its Critique : Deliberations on Gayatri Vhakrabarti Spivak’s Thoughts2014
2History of Indian Philosophy2018
3Emotions in Indian Thought Systems2019
4Horizons of the Self in Hindu Thought : A Study for the Perplexed2016
5Sabdapramana : Word and Knowledge in Indian Philosophy2008
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Matrix Analysis2013
2Connected at Infinity II : A Selection of Mathematics by Indians 2013
3Notes on Functional Analysis2015
4Positive Definite Matrices2007
5Fourier Series2010
6Perturbation Bounds for Matrix Eigenvalues2007
7Collected papers of S.R.S. Varadhan2012
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1.Rule of the commoner : DMK and the formations of the political in Tamil Nadu, 1949-19672022
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1The Burden of Refuge : Partition Experiences of the Sindhis of Gujarat2009
2Memories and movements : Borders and communities in Banni Kutch, Gujrat2013
3Chutnefying English : The phenomenon of English2011
4Unbordered Memories : Sindhi Stories of Partition2009
6The Glory of Patan2017
7The Stepchild : Angaliyat2012
8Translating India2006
9A Multilingual Nation : Translation and language Dynamic in India2018
10Speech and silence : literary journeys by Gujarati women2006
11The Lord and master of Gujrat2018
12Agnipariksha : An Ordeal remembered2018
13Decentering Translation Studies : India and Beyond2009
14The King of Kings2009
15Uneasy translations : self, experience and Indian literature2022
16The Greatest Gujarati stories ever told2022
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Great Speeches of Modern India2014
2Dateline 1857 Revolt Against the Raj2008
3Penguin Gandhi Reader2014
4Nehru and Bose : Parallel Lives2014
5Awadh in Revolt 1857 – 1858 : A Study of Popular Resistance2008
6The Year of Blood Essays on the Revolt of 18572014
7India Then and Now2012
8Spectre of Violence : the 1857 Kanpur Massacres1998
9Indian Persuasions : 50 Years of Seminar, Selected Writings2009
10Politics and Trade in the Indian Ocean world : Essays in Honour of Ashin Das Gupta2010
11Remembered Childhood : Essays in Honour of André Béteille2018
12Twilight Falls on Liberalism2019
13Changing India, Vol. V, Part I : The Prime minister Speaks2019
14Changing India, Vol. V, Part II : The Prime minister Speaks2019
15Jawaharlal Nehru : Oxford India Short Introduction2019
16Tagore and Gandhi : Walking Alone, Walking Together2021
17A New History of India : From its Origins to the Twenty-First century2023
1A Begum and a Rani : Hazrat mahal and Lakshmibai in 18572021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
2Prose of the World : Modernism and the Banality of Empire2013
3College : Pathways of Possibility2018
4Play House2017
5The Scent of God2019
6The Critic as Amateur2020
7The Middle Finger2022
1.Sovereigns of the sea : Omani ambition in the age of empire2023
2.Muslim cosmopolitanism in the Age of Empire2015
3.Islam and Healing Loss and Recovery of an Indo – Muslim Medical Tradition 1600 – 19002008
4.A European experience of the Mughal Orient : the Ijaz-i Arsalani (Persian letters, 1773-1779) of Antoine-Louis Henri Polier2007
5.Eighteenth Century in India2002
6.The Sepoys and the company : tradition and transition in northern India 1770-18301995
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1India and Asian geopolitics : the past, present2021
2Choices : inside the making of India’s foreign policy2016
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Topology and Condensed Matter Physics2017
1Youth and Political violence in India : A Social psychological account of conflict experiences from the Kashmir valley2020
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1War and Peace in Modern India: A Strategic History of the Nehru Years2010
2Imperialists, Nationalists, Democrats2019
31971 : A Global History of the Creation of a Bangladesh2015
4India’s War: The Making of Modern South Asia, 1939 -19452017
5Nonalignment 2.0 : A Foreign & Strategic Policy for India In the 21st Century2014
6The Oxford Handbook of Indian Foreign Policy2015
7The Most Dangerous Place : A History of the United States in South Asia2018
8Fierce Enigmas : a History of the United States in South Asia2018
9A Functioning Anarchy? : Essays for Ramchandra Guha2021
10The Fourth Lion : Essays for Gopalkrishna Gandhi2021
11Ancient India : Culture of Contradictions2021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1How I Became a tree2017
2Animalia Indica: The Finest Animal Stories in Indian Literature2019
3Missing : a novel2018
4Out of syllabus : poems2019
5My mother’s lover and other stories2020
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Imagined Geographies in the Indo – Tibetan Borderlands : Culture, Politics, Place2020
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Ancient Delhi2014
2History of Ancient and Early Medieval India From the Stone Age to the 12th Century2018
3The Discovery of Ancient India Early Archaeologists and Beginnings of Archaeology2004
4Asian Encounters Exploring Connected Histories2014
5Ancient India New research2014
6Delhi Ancient History Readings in History2006
7The Idea of Ancient India : Essays on Religion, Politics, and Archaeology2016
8 Buddhism in Asia : Revival and Reinvention2016
9Political Violence in Ancient India2017
10The World of India’s first Archaeologist : letters from Alexander Cunningham to J.D.M. Beglar2021
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1Half Lion : How P.V. Narasimha Rao Transformed India2016
S.No.TitleYear of Publication
1.The Tale of the Horse : A History of India On Horseback2021