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Books Title
A companion to global environmental history
An environmental history of Russia
Environmental History : As if Nature Existed
Liberation ecologies : environment, development, social movements
Organism and environment : ecological development, niche construction, and adaption
Nature and empire in Ottoman Egypt : an environmental history
Bringing society back in : grassroots ecosystem management, accountability, and sustainable communities
The east India company and the natural world
Essential environmental studies
The battle for Yellowstone : morality and the sacred roots of environmental conflict
Studies in international environmental economics
Environmental studies
Climate change and critical agrarian studies
Toxic communities : environmental racism, industrial pollution, and residential mobility
Nature, culture, imperialism : essays on the environmental history of South Asia
The living elephants : evolutionary ecology, behavior, and conservation by Raman Sukumar.
The retreat of the elephants : an environmental history of China Mark Elvin.
The amboseli elephants : a long -term perspective on a long -lived mammal
Asian elephant : ecology and management
Elephants and kings : An Environmental history
A Trunk Full of Tales Seventy Years with the Indian Elephants
Elephant Memories : Thirteen Years in the life of an Elephant Family
Elephas maximus : a portrait of the Indian elephant Stephen Alter.
Elephants on the edge : what animals teach Us about humanity
American Serengeti : the last big animals of the Great Plains Dan Flores.
Inheritors of the Earth : how nature is thriving in an age of extinction
Community Ecology
Learning landscape ecology : a practical guide to concepts and techniques
Misreading the African landscape : society and ecology in a forest-savanna mosaic / James Fairhead and Melissa Leach with the research collaboration of Dominique Millimouno and Marie Kamano.
The toda landscape : explorations in cultural ecology
Birds, Wild Animals and Agriculture / Tara Gandhi : conflict and coexistence in India
The ornaments of life : coevolution and conservation in the tropics
Staying with the trouble : making kin in the Chthulucene
Rising to the Call : Good practices of climate change adaptation in India
Limits to climate change adaptation
Plows, plagues, and petroleum : how humans took control of climate
Climate change liability : transnational law and practice
India in a warming world : integrating climate change and development
The Crisis of climate change : weather report / ed. by Ravi Agrawal And Omita Goyal
Risk and resilience in the era of climate change
Learning landscape ecology : a practical guide to concepts and techniques
Genome-scale algorithm design : biological sequence analysis in the era of high-throughput sequencing Veli Mäkinen, Djamal Belazzougui, Fabio Cunial, Alexandru I. Tomescu, University of Heisinki, Finland.
Genome data analysis
Bioinformatics of genome regulation and structure
Rates of evolution : a quantitative synthesis
Evolutionary biology of bacterial and fungal pathogens
Evolutionary dynamics Exploring the eqations of life
Ecology and evolution of Darwin's finches
Handbook of Evolutionary Biology
Recovering biodiversity in Indian forests
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E-Books Title
The China Environment Yearbook, Volume 1 (2005) : Crisis and Breakthrough of China's Environment
Landscape, Environment and Technology in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa : Landscape and Environment in Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
Protecting Children's Health in a Changing Environment : Report of the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health
Mycorrhiza: Occurrence in Natural and Restored Environments : Occurrence and Role in Natural and Restored Environments
Understanding Built Environment : Proceedings of the National Conference on Sustainable Built Environment 2015
Cancer and the Environment : Gene-Environment Interaction
Antarctica: The Most Interactive Ice-Air-Ocean Environment : The Most Interactive Ice-Air-Ocean Environment
China Environment and Development Review : China's Environment and Development in the Era of Globalization
War and the Environment : New Approaches to Protecting the Environment in Relation to Armed ConflictCoalbed Natural Gas: Energy and Environment : Energy and Environment
Earth As A Cradle For Life, The: The Origin, Evolution And Future Of The Environment : The Origin, Evolution, and Future of the Environment
Altered Ecologies: Fire, climate and human influence on terrestrial landscapes
The Human-Elephant Confl ict: A Review of Current Status and Mitigation Methods
Review of Human-Elephant Conflict Mitigation Measures Practiced in South Asia
Elephants on the Edge : What Animals Teach Us about Humanity
Studying Captive Animals : A Workbook of Methods in Behaviour, Welfare and Ecology
Stereotypic Animal Behaviour : Fundamentals and Applications to Welfare
Habitats and Ecological Communities of Indiana : Presettlement to Present
Mappae Mundi : Humans and their Habitats in a Long-Term Socio-Ecological Perspective, Myths, Maps and Models
Habitat Fragmentation and Landscape Change : An Ecological and Conservation Synthesis
Bumblebees : Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation
Sweden's Welfare State : Can the Bumblebee Keep Flying?
Bumblebees: Their Behaviour and Ecology
Stingless Bees: Their Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution
Plant Defense : Warding off Attack by Pathogens, Herbivores and Parasitic Plants
Induced Resistance for Plant Defense : A Sustainable Approach to Crop Protection
Reactive Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur Species in Plants : Production, Metabolism, Signaling and Defense Mechanisms
(NAS Colloquium) Virulence and Defense in Host--Pathogen Interactions : Common Features Between Plants and Animals
Plant Defenses Against Mammalian Herbivory
New Horizons in the Biology of Plant Defenses
" Greater Sage-Grouse : Ecology and Conservation of a Landscape Species and Its Habitats"
Aquatic Functional Biodiversity : An Ecological and Evolutionary Perspective
Encyclopedia of Biodiversity
Understanding Marine Biodiversity
Forestry and Biodiversity : Learning How to Sustain Biodiversity in Managed Forests
Grasslands: Types, Biodiversity and Impacts : Types, Biodiversity and Impacts
Savannas : Climate, Biodiversity and Ecological Significance
" The Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services"
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Business and Enterprise
The Interactions of Human Mobility and Farming Systems on Biodiversity and Soil Quality in the Western Highlands of Cameroon
Wildlife: Destruction, Conservation and Biodiversity : Destruction, Conservation and Biodiversity


Referred Articles

From nemoral to boreal forest: Mid‐ and late‐Holocene forest dynamics in the Småland Uplands, southern SwedenLink
Temperate forest dynamics and carbon storage: a 26-year case study from Orange Kloof Forest, Cape Peninsula, South AfricaLink
Selection and quality assessment of Landsat data for the North American forest dynamics forest history maps of the USLink
Spatial analysis of forest cover and quality dynamics of Jalthal forest in the Jhapa district, NepalLink
Effects of the lack of forest management on spatiotemporal dynamics of a subalpine Pinus cembra forestLink
Extreme events and climate change: the post-disaster dynamics of forest fires and forest storms in SwedenLink
Forest Transitions in the United States, France and Austria: dynamics of forest change and their socio- metabolic driversLink
New Zealand forest dynamics: a review of past and present vegetation responses to disturbance, and development of conceptual forest modelsLink
Typhoon Disturbance and Forest Dynamics: Lessons from a Northwest Pacific Subtropical ForestLink
Hurricane Effects on Forest Ecosystems in the CaribbeanLink
Variable effects of climate on forest growth in relation to climate extremes, disturbance, and forest dynamicsLink
Suburban Forest Change and Vegetation Water Dynamics in Atlanta, USALink
Bison, anthropogenic fire, and the origins of agriculture in eastern North AmericaLink
Who Framed the Forest Fire? State Framing and Peasant Counter-Framing of Anthropogenic Forest Fires in Spain Since 1940Link
The "Fire Stick Farming" Hypothesis: Australian Aboriginal Foraging Strategies, Biodiversity, and Anthropogenic Fire MosaicsLink
Behavioral threat and appeasement signals take precedence over static colors in lizard contestsLink
Literature for 1915 on the behavior of spiders and insects other than antsLink
Predicting spatial aspects of human–elephant conflictLink
Lessons From 20 Years of Human–Elephant Conflict Mitigation in AfricaLink
Human–Elephant Conflicts in Northeast IndiaLink
Human-Elephant conflict mitigation methods: A review of effectiveness and sustainabilityLink
Zoochosis: A short review on stereotypical behavior of captive animalsLink
Perceptions and Patterns of Human–elephant Conflict in Old and New Settlements in Sri Lanka: Insights for Mitigation and Management.Link
Elephants as actors in the political ecology of human–elephant conflictLink
Touching Trunks: Elephants, Ecology and Compassion in Three Southern African Teen NovelsLink
Ecological consequences of forest elephant declines for Afrotropical forestsLink
Review: Elephant Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation BiologyLink
Reproductive Ecology of the Female African ElephantLink
Foraging Ecology of Northern Elephant SealsLink
Bumblebee resilience to climate change, through plastic and adaptive responsesLink
A century of advances in bumblebee domestication and the economic and environmental aspects of its commercialization for pollinationLink
Diet effects on bumblebee healthLink
The Physiological and Genomic Bases of Bumble Bee Social BehaviourLink
Chance and adaptation in the evolution of island bumblebee behaviourLink
Plant-pollinator interactions in New Caledonia influenced by introduced honey beesLink
Honey as an Ecological Reservoir of Antibacterial Compounds Produced by Antagonistic Microbial Interactions in Plant Nectars, Honey and Honey BeeLink
honey bee nectar foragers and their implications for plant–pollinator interactionsLink
Stingless bees in applied pollination: practice and perspectivesLink
Information flow and organization of stingless bee foragingLink
Floral Rewards: Alternatives to Pollen and NectarLink
Differential Floral Rewards and Pollination by Deceit in Unisexual FlowersLink
The Co-Radiations of Pollinating Insects and Angiosperms in the CretaceousLink
Pollination Syndromes and Floral SpecializationLink
Generalization in Pollination Systems, and Why it MattersLink
Template-Guided Protein Structure Prediction and Refinement Using Optimized Folding Landscape Force FieldsLink
Ten Years of Landscape Genomics: Challenges and Opportunities.Link
A practical guide to environmental association analysis in landscape genomicsLink
Landscape Genomics: A Brief PerspectiveLink
Aquatic Landscape Genomics and Environmental Effects on Genetic VariationLink
Redundancy analysis: A Swiss Army Knife for landscape genomicsLink
The Value of BiodiversityLink
Wildlife, biodiversity and tradeLink
Consequences of changing biodiversity.Link
Biodiversity: measurement and estimation. PrefaceLink
Deriving Field-Based Species Sensitivity Distributions (f-SSDs) from Stacked Species Distribution Models (S-SDMs)Link
Species distribution modeling in the cloudLink
A Sensitivity Analysis of the Application of Integrated Species Distribution Models to Mobile Species: A Case Study with the Endangered Baird’s TapirLink
Study on selecting sensitive environmental variables in modelling species spatial distributionLink
New trends in species distribution modellingLink

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QSARs and computational chemistry methods in environmental chemical sciencesLink
In silico environmental chemical science: properties and processes from statistical and computational modellingLink
Planetary Health thematic web collectionLinkLink
Validation of a modified IDEXX defined-substrate assay for detection of antimicrobial resistant E. coli in environmental reservoirs† Link
Nitrogen fixing bacteria facilitate microbial biodegradation of a bio-based and biodegradable plastic in soils under ambient and future climatic conditions†Link
Atmospheric mercury uptake and accumulation in forests dependent on climatic factors†Link
Increasing Complexity in Species Distribution ModellingLink
Understanding climate change through animal songLink
Let’s get real: translating species distribution models into conservation practiceLink
Issue 10.12: Statistical Ecology, UAVs, Invasive Species and MoreLink
Unraveling the Complex Interactions in Tallgrass Prairie EcosystemsLink
Fofos e Ecologicamente Relevantes! Pedro Hoffmann, Andy Green and Leonardo Maltchik on how cute rodents can be ecologically relevantLink
Joshua Brian explores the link between plant damage and performanceLink
Biodiversity supports grassland resistance and recovery under extreme droughtLink
Centre for Environment and Sustainability: Meet Laurence CumminsLink
Centre for Environment and Sustainability: Meet Sophie TudgeLink

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