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Ecology Researcher

Interest: Plant-animal interactions Animal behavior Climate change

Evolutionary Immunology Researcher

Interest: Interested in understanding the evolution of immunity and its implications in clinical studies.

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Researcher

Interest: Elephants Human-Wildlife Interactions and Conflict Landscape ecology Population ecology Animal behav...

Evolutionary Biology Researcher

Interest: Evolutionary perspective of co-infection Molecular mechanisms of immune response Evolution of immune...

Microbiology and Cell biology Researcher

Interest: Cell Biology Microbiology AMR

Evolution Researcher

Interest: Aging evolutionary biology

Immunology Researcher

Interest: T cell memory in SARS CoV-2 infection and vaccination. Characterisation of antibodies persisting in ...

Biochemistry and Biophysics Researcher

Interest: Phase separation Diffusion dynamics FCS Coacervates G-Quadruplex Spinach aptamer Origin of life

Evolutionary Biology Researcher

Interest: Evolutionary biology Immunology Host-pathogen interactions Genomics

Biology Science Researcher

Interest: Structural Biology Virology Cell Biology

Cancer and mitochondrial biology Researcher

Interest: Senescence Mitochondrial structure KRAS induced Senescence Mitochondrial fission/fusion

Cell Biology & Mitochondria Researcher

Interest: Cell Biology Developmental Biology Stem cell Biology Mitochondrial network analysis Microscopy Circa...