Books Donated From Personal Collections

Ashoka Library is very fortunate to have received a rare and priceless collection of original books from the following philanthropists. Library salutes all these donors and appreciates their willingness to part with their personal collection for the public good. Thanks to these generosities, today every fourth book in the library is from these donations!

1 Nayan Chanda and Geetanjali Chanda    2063 
2Ramachandra Guha 500
3Malabika Sarkar                                                396
4B. G. Verghese    371
5Dilip Simeon    339
6 Madhavi Menon and Jonathan Gil Harris 230
7Maya Saran and Prof. Kranti Saran 208
8Pratap Bhanu Mehta  180
9Srinath Raghavan       166
10Madhu Sarin   124
     TOTAL 5080
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